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5.31.07 - 3.07am
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new site... [
5.31.07 - 3.00am
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Anong petsa na? [
7.22.06 - 5.24am
[ mood | cranky ]

Where am I? DON’T ASK! 

napakaganda ng update ko noh??! Hehe!

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3.14.06 - 11.47am
anong nangyari?
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3.14.06 - 11.47am

Got the livejournal access blocked? Will this still work?? 

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Takas lang po.... [
1.30.06 - 3.33pm
[ mood | busy ]

I have been stressing lately…That’s why I decided to balance every aspect of my life…



                Believe it or not, I’ve been an early bird ever since I rolled in here in my new project. Kaya I promised to myself na since on time ako, on the dot din ako uuwe. As in 7pm! (Forgot to mention, 9am-7pm nga pla office hours namen so that there’ll be a 4-hour overlap sa Manila and Paris time)



                Narealize ko, 1 year nako nagwowork, tapos wala pa rin akong ipon. :(  Kya just this morning, I decided to keep track of all my expenses in an excel sheet. I just hope, ma-maintain ko to. Hai…

Monday 01/30








Lemon Square





AM Fare





Fruit Shake









                Along with the expenses spreadsheet, I’ve created another tab for my calorie & yosi intake. I’m beginning to feel the awful upshots of smoking. God, yoko pa mamatay! Saka para na rin maging totohanan ang diet ko.

Monday 01/30



In Cal




Lemon Square


Sticks of Yosi


Cup of Coffee





Cup of Coffee





Pancit Malabon










Fruit Shake







                Duh, la pang gabi, more than 1000 Calories na intake ko, in fairness ha, 2 sticks of yosi pa lang…


Social Life:

                Kelangan ko naman eh from time to time ay mag-enjoy! Pero dapat eh nde ko makontra ang aking balance in expenses. So ang aking options:

1.       Tumamabay sa mansion nila pam – busog na, relaxing pa ang atmosphere

2.       Madalas na pabisitahin si bestfriend Ma. Rebecca Evangelista

3.       Pag-ipunan na ang pupuntahan naming Feb Fair ni bec at ang Valentines Date namin

4.       Iinum lang sa starbucks kapag applicable sa araw na iyon ang mga discount coupons



                Uhmmmm…pass…??? Nagpe-pray naman ako eh…Saka la pa ko mahanap na church..Sorry Lord! :)


Wish ko lang, totoo na to…

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holidays, gifts, fortune cookies..yada yada [
1.3.06 - 3.23pm

Belated Happy Holidays!!!


Got a lotta gifts from my friends and family…Thanks to:


Mommy for the cash

Sistah Yna for the underpants, slippers and blouse

Kuya Bhoyet for the bag and love love love the Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Bec for our matching anklet

Pam for the Bora tank top and coin purse

Ote for the “Where the Heart Is” book

Rhea for the planner and angel’s breath soap

Erlee for the magnet

Ganie for the “Lipstick Jungle”


How time flies, there’s another year ahead of me… We were given fortune cookies today and here’s what I got:


No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need!


Yeah right…

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a lotta things [
12.20.05 - 9.46am
[ mood | cold ]

Xmas Party


We WON!!! We won the Grand Hataw Dance Competition on our Xmas Party…which means that we had 8 grand to spend on whatsoever celebration that we will be planning! Yey!

See emailCollapse )

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writer wannabe [
12.15.05 - 2.18pm
[ mood | depressed ]

I am trying to compose an artik for peyups (hehehe, luvstory ko ba to?!)…And I find this very challenging…Oh well, I was never born to be a writer tlga!

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Xmas Shopping Binge [
12.14.05 - 4.24pm
[ mood | petix eh ]

Yesterday was just another day of shopping spree. Meaning splurging my money to all my wants. Left the office at 6pm with no notice coz I just ducked out from our usual dance practice. Decided to slip on my jelly flip flops rather than walking with my office shoes. I was looking forward to a lengthy strolling around Ayala malls.


As I arrived at SM’s Brownies café at around 6:30pm, note: in a dash kse nga I thought I was really running late -- poor Maryann. But then, she was nowhere to find. So I waited for her, heard noises from shoppers and voices/memories were floating in my head.   

Delusion due to annoyanceCollapse )

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Mah book wishlist! (i want!! i want!!! i want!!!) [
12.13.05 - 5.55pm
[ mood | chipper ]

American Girls About Town: They're Not Just the Girls Next Door





Jennifer Weiner, etal


Simon & Schuster


Mass Market Paperback


P 375.00


Rosie Dunne





Cecelia Ahern


Time Warner


Mass Market Paperback


P 359.00


Four Blondes





Candace Bushnell


Little, Brown & Company (UK)


Trade Paperback


P 375.00



Unit of Measure:


About the Book:

No Description Available


Lipstick Jungle





Candace Bushnell


Time Warner


Trade Paperback


P 359.00


The Devil Wears Prada





Lauren Weisberger


Random House, Inc.


Mass Market Paperback


P 359.00

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12.12.05 - 12.09pm
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I stole th3_last_light's purse (-30 points). In November I gave hitchedfinally a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last Sunday I bought porn for pakana_ni_bebe (10 points). Last month I helped berry_mix see the light (8 points). In July I committed genocide... Sorry about that, triggur (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4962 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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say what??!! [
12.5.05 - 8.40pm
[ mood | content ]

Un: I’m such a klutz

Last Saturday, I was just bumming around the house, watching Into the Blue when Mot rang for my brother. I went outside, asked my Mama where the hell was my brother and in just a jiffy, I lost my footing and cricked my ankle for the third time. ‘Twas awful, brought me a throbbing pain that on the following day I still pursue my Xmas shopping. I had a broken ankle but not a broken spirit.


Deux: gifts…gifts…gifts…

Went to SM Southmall yesterday and did my Xmas shopping --- presents for my inaanaks, family and of course for myself.

         For Mom – Beige Kimbel bag

                Dad – Polo Barong

                Mama – Lip and Cheek Tint (pero hati kme! :), her reading glasses for xmas, pending muna!)

                Kuya Boyet – Bench Wired Perfume

                EJ – Zoids (most expensive toy evaaah!!), Bossini shirt

                Kuya Ronald- Bench Shirt

Yann – Maarteng bata! Still undecided on what she wants for Xmas

                Yna – Bling Blings (not yet purchased! Tee hee!)

                Xtian – Bench Supaahstaaah Shirt (naks bro in law na kse kya dapat ksama na!)

                Polar – Drinking Thingy

                Cholo – Dentabone (hah hah!)


       For the Inaanaks

                MJ – Shirt, a set of sports toys

                Chin Chin – cutie stripped dress and kikay kit toys

                Happy – Barbie Dress and kikay kit toys

                Germaine – Shirt, Blues Clues Terno



        For MYSELF – Bench Capture Perfume

                              Chic Bag

                              MIX Bohemian Thongs

                              Maybeline Pressed Powder

                              2 giraffe and leopard printed throw pillows (from ACN bazaar)
                              MORE gifts TO COME....


        Xmas Project – I’m still deciding among the following:

                                 5.1 Theatre System with DVD player

                                 Nano Ipod


                                 DVD player and a new TV


Guys, help me decide…please!!!!


Trios: Reading mania

I’ve just finished Confessions of a Shopaholic  and I’m currently enjoying Shopaholic Takes ManhattanThat reminds me, do books change their titles when published by another publisher? I’ve seen another publisher refer Confessions of a Shopaholic  as The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic… Same book, same story, same author, different title, different packaging…Hmm?? Oh well, I’m not familiar with the rules of publishing naman eh… (uhmmm bang???)


Quatre: Movies

I’ve just watched Into the Blue, next on my list are as follows:

                Ms. Congeniality 2

                So Close 3

                Emily Rose

                Land of the Dead

                Harry Potter


                Kung Pow

More movies to come..weeheee!


Cinq: VL

Finally, my VL was approved last Friday. It’ll be on Dec. 23, 27, 28, 29…I’m still contemplating on going to my friend’s wedding…I have plans kse to visit Katchy at La Union…Pero, parang I’ve just spent my budget in my shopping spree…Hai, where to, where to??

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What keeps me going... [
11.29.05 - 1.35pm
[ mood | excited ]

Un: chic littérature

I’m currently reading Confessions of a Shopaholic lent by Rhea and I can relate soOOOo much! Especially the moment when she dramatically opens her credit card bill! And the frugality she’s implementing, I think highly that I should do that as well! It’s really too good to pass up. Right after this, I’ll be reading its sequel Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, then Man Eater by gigi grazer! These chic lits keep me going!


Deux: scapbook

I’m having a hard time finishing my scrapbooks because of all the books lined up for me to finish! I’m thinking of visiting art attack website[c1]  to pull out some ideas on how to improve my scraps…


Trios: trivia

D’ya know that originally there should have been only 10 months in a year? Well, let’s take a closer look: OCTober  (OCT – a numerical prefix that denotes no. 8) and DECember (DEC – a numerical prefix that denotes no. 10). But instead, these are the 10th and 12th month of the year, respectively. It was said that two emperors insisted on adding two more months in the calendar. They were the famous Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Augustus. It is very evident that July and August were “singit” months.


Quatre: Work

I’ve just received another FFS (Functional Specs) this afternoon and right while composing my post (hee hee) I’m working on the FPF (Techinal Design). It’s similar to that made by Tin so I find it not that traumatic.


Cinq: Payday

Tomorrow’s payday! Tee hee!!! I’m speechless…


Six: Brownies and Budget

Last night I was really hankering for brownies so just this morning sneak out the office at 11:30 and bought myself 2 bars of brownies from coffee beanery! Note to self: Not yet on my frugal mode! Guess, it’s ok. Used my VISA card coz I’m outta cash! As in outta cash! Wiz! Nada! I spent the last bonus paying out all my credit card bills! (Seems like I’m beginning to adapt Becky’s persona)


Sept: Disney Groupie

I’m now Disney Channel Fanatic…Actually, not the cartoon enthusiast type. Just love the kiddie series like Even Stevens  and Sleepover Club (So come on and sleepo—ooo-ooo-ooo-ver and everything’s just fine….) Hee hee!


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ARROVO - misspelling the President's name is said to be a first in Philippine history [
11.25.05 - 11.31am
[ mood | giddy ]

Latest News: BSP: P100 bill with Arroyo's name misspelled still good

After a lot of scrutinizing on every 100 peso bill that passes through my hands, finally I’m one of the lucky few! :) Thanks to the starbucks barista who brought to me the lucky bill!
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pankalahatang update [
11.21.05 - 4.39pm
[ mood | crappy ]

Bwiset, this intermittent connection is making me sick! Argghh! Well, anyway, madame din akong kwento eh! Naipon nga! Ibaby-group ko na lang ha! :)


Sa work:

Eto ako ay mejo petix dahil konti pa lang ang dumadating na work. Pero for sure eh maghahabol kme by December dahil by Jan. 6 eh go live na daw kme. Tpos nagrerequest pa daw ang client na mag OT kme on the following weekend after ng go live. Hmmm? OT? At eto pa, nku mukang mapupurnada ang holidays ko dahil mejo mahigpit sa VL ang aking TL. Dahil nga sa busy kme nun at she’ll get hitched :) . Un nga lang nde kme invited. Well, ok lang anman kse may pupuntahan din naman akong wedding sa December na ubod ng sosyal! Syempre, sosyal ever un friend ko eh! :)

Tas un nga, mega prepare na rin c tin sa xmas party na may budget na almost 100K. oh dba? Yaman ng team namen! Eh kse naman madame kme at iniipon din. Tas magiging hat party daw! Hmm ano kaya sakin? Iniispi ko nga magrodeo hat na lang kse im thinking of buying na din ng beige boots! La lang! feel ko lang ulet magboot-bootsan! At eto pa, may dance competition daw! Nku magagamit ko na naman ang passion at “talent” ko! Nakks!! Haha! Kso nga lang eh novelty songs ang theme, parang nde ko ata kayang mag-groove sa ganung kanta??!! Kikilabutan ako! Manalo kya kme? May cash proze daw eh! At may exchange gift den pla…syempre nde ko pedeng sabihin un codename at wishlist ko d2 bka may makabasa??!! :) hehehe!

Tas etong coming weekend eh nagbabalak kme mag-galera?! Matuloy kya? At ang gusto pa ni mudrang Rochelle ay cocobeach?! Oh sosyal dba? Tanungin nyo kung ilan kme! Napakarame! Apat! As in four! Quarto! Well, masaya naman tlga un kse shempre andun c kwelang Rochelle. Ang tanong matuloy kaya?????


Sa Familia:

Ayun, kme ay nagkaroon ng biglaang night swimming nu Friday nyt that turned out to be sooooo boring! At ang pool! Eh mas malaki pa ata un sala namin! Shempre nde ren ako naligo kse nga ndi hot spring at napakaboring sobraaa!


Sa Friends:

Ayun, I had called for a conference meeting na ni-cancel ko rin sa huli! La na daw c ian and bec but the good thing was nde naman masama un break up. Nakapagusap clan g maayos! Well, c bec naman kse walang cool off cool off, break kung break! Sad din kse nde na naming makakasama c ian, pero ayun c bec, socialize to the max ulet! Meeting old friends and cultivating new ones ang drama!


Sa Xmas:

My project this first xmas na may work nako are: videocam, 5.1 speakers, and dvd player. *wish* Hai, mejo may kamahalan! At dumagdag pa tong ibinebentang P900 sakin na worth 17K lang. Pero I’m still contemplating whether to buy it or not, wala naman sa plano kong bumili ng cellfone. Katatapos ko nga lang bayaran nun fone ko dba! Tas un, need to buy gifts for my mga inaanak, family, close friends and close colleagues. Mejo magastos ngayong pasko! Kya un Rustan’s GC na makukuha ko, bka panggrocery ko nalang!

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bombay escapade [
11.14.05 - 3.16pm

Lately, I’ve been craving for something that has garlic sauce on it (shawarma!!!). Love love love the garlic sauce! I was intending to go somewhere that serves Indian cuisine but I was really clueless on where to go! With the hel of the internet, I browsed thru the clickthecity site and found out the places where spicy and yummy beef dishes are available! I’m thinking of checking out Bollywood soon! Wow! Grabe, going to that place will definitely remind me of someone tlga! Hahaha! *bats eyelashes*

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post mortem on long vacation [
11.9.05 - 5.10pm
[ mood | drained ]

I had a loOOoong weekend vacation last week. I have spent the holidays partly in a productive way and partly, well, I was such a total bum. I believe, I have wasted my opportunity to go somewhere else (just out of laguna at least) but I never missed the opportunity to treat myself to a shopping spree or as sheva would call it “the retail therapy”. Would you believe that I had woke up at 3pm, left the haus, shopped at pavilion, purchased nine blouses and 2 pairs of shoes, new lightings for my room and note without hitting the shower first? Boy, that was awkward but ‘twas ok coz I knew that I didn’t smell that bad coz I used to shower before going to bed.haha! As I’ve said, I was a complete bum, waking up at 4pm, smokin’ for hours, watching movies, playing with my dogs, wtaching movies, taking a bath at 9pm, watching movies and sleeping at 4am.Grabe! Movie marathon. In 2 weeks time I had watched some of the movies that I had missed:

1.       Mr. and Mrs. Smith

2.       Ice Princess

3.       Wedding Date

4.       Flightplan

5.       Sassy Girl

6.       Longest Yard

7.       So Close

8.       Monster In Law

9.       The Pacifier

Next on the list would be:

10.    Must Love Dogs

11.    Domino

On the other hand, the books I had read include:

1.       Have Baby, Will Date

2.       Mr. Write

3.       Break up Diaries

4.       Wander Girl

5.       Nanny Diaries

Pending to be read:

6.       Summer Light

7.       errr..Book by Kathy Go, I forgot the title

8.       Who Stole My Magic


Woo! Those were the things that kept me busy aside form work. And I did accomplishmy planned project during the holidays. ’Twas to redecorate my sistah’s room to fit my style coz I was able to take over her space after she got hitched. Haha! Bought 4 dim lights for the room’s 4 corners, 1 for the middle lamp, 1 for my lava lamp. Placed the other TV on my room, new carpet, comforter, curtains, shoe organizer etc. Did the general cleaning for my room. Whew!


Another thing, I’m on to scrapbooking, bought the largest scrap book and classified all my photos. I’m done with pages 1-4 with themes like flower ek ek , under the sea, world of Disney, and trendy tours. These included my childhood pix and highschool field trips. And hahaha! I have this theme “worst case scenario” which will include all my hideous shots! My cuz even suggested to incorporate Halloween them on it! Hahaha! :)

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What's keepin' bebe so busy? [
11.8.05 - 3.14pm
[ mood | busy ]

1.     Technical designing at work

2.       Redecorating my new room

3.       Scrapbooking of all my photos

4.       Reading books before bedtime, while at the bus, while grabbin’ some smokes

5.       Movie marathon at home


That’s all for now, gotta run…


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i'm the birthday gurl pero...i'm sticking to 21! [
10.26.05 - 10.27am
[ mood | happy ]

It’s my birthday!
Happy birthday BEBE! :)

peeps who had remembered me on my special day....sweet!Collapse )

Tenchu!!!! Luv yah ol!!!

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